On the territory of Ovidius University were supposed to be positioned the two stages of the festival, Master Stage and Ground Stage, that were about 70% of the live shows from the Spellground program.

“The initial agreed activities by the partnership agreement contravene the position that our institution wishes to adopt on such a day and of the obligations arranged by the government’s decision” is shown in an address towards the University. “We appreciate that flying the flag at half-mast at the University headquarters and the development at the same time of such musical manifestation contravene mostly with the ethics and morals that such an institution should prove” also mentions the University.

“A festival cannot be torn in half, is a unitary whole. We took into consideration the annulment of the day of 13th from the festival’s schedule, but without the receipts from Saturday, the best selling day, it is impossible for us to sustain the whole event from a financial and logistical point of view. We will attempt to reschedule the headliners in individual concerts in the 2016-2017 season. The overlap of the free dates for the entire line-up for a festival formula is less likely probable” says Nicoleta Petre, Marketing Director Spellground.

“We are very sorry having to make this decision. We have been working for over 8 months for this festival to take place at the level that we dreamed of. We have put a lot of soul, effort and all the resources that we had on disposal. We apologize to the fans that we have let down” also says Nicoleta Petre.

Spellground tickets and subscriptions holders will be able to recover the counter value of the tickets beginning with 12 of August, in all used ticketing networks, by following the steps below.Also, the refunding of the counter value of the accommodation packages (in camping and hotels) purchased on the official site may be requested beginning with 12 of August.


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